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Understanding Your Landlord’s Obligations: A Tenant’s Guide

Housing Disrepair – landlord’s responsibilities Under section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, landlords have a statutory duty to maintain various aspects of the property, including: Landlords cannot evade these responsibilities, even if the tenancy agreement suggests otherwise. They must handle repairs promptly and at their own expense, considering the severity of the […]

Tenant Responsibilities: Understanding Your Obligations

Housing Disrepair – tenant’s responsibilities Tenants also have responsibilities towards the home they occupy and any repairs and conditions in that home.These are : To ensure eligibility for potential claims, tenants should promptly report any disrepair to the landlord through multiple communication channels and meticulously document each notification. If the landlord fails to respond within […]

Recognizing Different Types Of Damp And Mould

Understanding Different Types of Damp Dampness comes in three primary forms: rising damp, penetrating damp, and condensation. Identifying the specific type affecting your property is crucial, as it influences both treatment methods and costs. Condensation, the most common type, occurs when warm, moist air meets cold surfaces, typically during winter. It’s exacerbated by inadequate ventilation, […]